I have included some of my calligraphy as I have recently taken this up again. I started around 20 years ago and have played around with lettering since then, learning entirely from books and experimentation. Now that my kids have grown up I find I have more time to indulge myself in my own interests! I have completed many projects in the past but this was prior to having access to computers, scanners etc. and have given away the pieces.

 I have recently begun to combine my enjoyment of calligraphy with painting water colours to illustrate poems, sayings etc.

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Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day by Anne Bronte

This is a poem by Anne Bronte that I wrote out and illustrated as a present for my mum on her 60th birthday. When I read it I was reminded of the woods near to my parents home where I grew up where they walk their dog.

I also enjoy heraldry and illuminated manuscripts and am looking into approaching the Family History Society in Aberdeen to offer my services to write out and illustrate the family trees of those who have undertaken this research and wish to have the results of their findings beautifully recorded for display.

Happy Birthday in Latin for Steve.

This is a card I did quite quickly for my brother Steve on his birthday.

Ex Libris bookplate designed for a friend. I'm not very happy that I had to squish his name in, I obviously did not plan that very well and left myself with too little space, well, I'll remember next time! I hope to do a few more based on different styles, medieval, Rennie Mackintosh etc and will put these on the site after completion.

I am fascinated by Celtic and Pictish art and have based a lot of my designs for various crafts, needlework, hats, glass painting and stencilling ( including at one point, my car! ), as well as embellishing my calligraphy, on the beautiful knotwork and interlaced designs from the standing stones and the Book of Kells and similar works.

I can offer Bed and Breakfast facilities for any one wishing coming to this area and are ideally placed for exploring and visiting the wealth of antiquities and sites of archaeological and historical interest here. As can be seen from the pictures on these pages, the scenery here is stunning and constantly changes with light providing infinite subjects and inspiration for paintings!! Visit our B&B page for more info.


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